Bahamas Marlin Fishing

The Bahamas Marlin season starts roughly at about April and lasts well into the end of summer. Starting in April, you can find a decently sized population of White Marlin swimming through the waters outside of Grand Bahama, New Providence, and Paradise Island. If the powerful and ultimately more challenging Blue Marlin is more along the lines of your type of fishing, June and July is the best time to come. The Bahamas waters are teeming with Blue Marlin during these months and even multiple bites are likely on the same trip. Many experienced anglers will let you know the Bahamas is basically as good as it gets when it comes to Blue Marlin fishing.

From April through July, Marlin season is in full swing. The Bahamas Billfish Championship takes place during these months, featuring various championships such as the Bimini Championship in mid April and the Treasure Cay Championship in mid June. The Bahamas White Marlin Open takes place at the beginning of April. White Marlin and Blue Marlin fishing have many similarities, particularly in the dramatic show that the fish puts on when caught. Both the Blue and White Marlin are spectacular jumpers and persevering fighters. The Blue Marlin, however, wins the prize for stronger and more powerful. The Blue Marlin averages in at a weight of about 225 lbs., but it is not unheard of for anglers around the world and in the Bahamas to catch marlin that are closer to the 1,000 lb. mark. The largest marlin caught in a sports fishing tournament weighed 1,805 lbs!

If you are coming to the Bahamas during the Marlin season, try your hand at this challenging form of fishing! It is not easy and you will definitely have to work hard to find, catch, and reel in a marlin, but the vigorous fight is well worth it in the end!

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